• Estuarine Root Gardens

    Estuaries are the world's most productive ecosystems. High in the salt marsh the edible roots of Silverweed, Clover, Riceroot, and Lupine abound.

“Integrating Human Communities and Native Ecosystems through Indigenous Foods”

We at Salal are committed to sustainably integrating human communities and native ecosystems.  We believe that this is possible within a worldview that values a sense of place, and cultivates respect for natural and cultural heritage.  Food is a nexus point for our relationship with the earth and we advocate indigenous foods and managed native food producing ecosystems—polycultures of native species cultivated with ecologically appropriate disturbance regimes—as a means of providing vital nourishment while supporting biodiversity, soil stability, and ecological integrity.  We develop a variety of food products for the local market place, perform research related to nutrition, ecosystem management and non-timber forest products, and provide educational workshops, courses, media and consulting on a variety of topics at the intersection of human ecology and natural history including ethnoecology, wild and edible landscaping, and biodiversity.