Consulting & Services old

We are available on contract to perform research, offer consulting and provide services in a variety of areas related to indigenous foods, ethnobotany, and ecology. The following list highlights our skills and fields of knowledge:


Ethnobotany (& ethnoecology)

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge Interviews
  • Traditional Use Surveys
  • Literature reviews

Specimen collection

  • Herbarium specimens
  • Botanical samples (for scientific analyses)
  • Seeds and berries (for propagation, click [here] for food grade products or [here] for our inventory of nursery stock)

Workshops and courses

  • Ethnobotany lectures and fieldtrips
  • Seasonal foraging courses
  • Trad. cooking demos
  • Fiber making


  • Foraging articles
  • Wild food books & book reviews
  • Ethnobotany papers
  • Archival ethnography- transcription and digitization
  • Educational material

Biodiversity surveys

  • Plants
  • Mosses
  • Seaweeds
  • Birds

Photography- High quality images

  • Food plants
  • Edible fungi
  • Plants
  • Seaweeds

Native and edible plant landscape design