Ethnobotany of Western Washington


The Knowledge, and Use of Indigenous Plants by Native Americans

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by Erna Gunther. Originally published in 1945, this book draws from Gunther’s life work interviewing Salish and Makah elders about their use of more than 150 plants for food, medicine, materials, and more.  An indispensable resource to anyone seriously interested in the ethnobotany of this region.

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Binding: Paperback

Published:University of Washington Press, Rev. ed., 1973 (orig. pub. 1945)

Subject Listing: Ethnobotany

ISBN-13: 978-0295952581

Contents: 74 pages

  • Preface
  • Preface to the Revised Edition
  • Introduction
  • The Plants and Their Uses
  • Appendix I: Additions to the Quileute Entries
  • Appendix II: Plants Discussed in the Text
  • Illustrations
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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